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New Jersey Curriculum Standards

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Core Curriculum Content Standards

The people of the United States need to know that individuals in our society who do not possess the levels of skill, literacy, and training essential to this new era will be effectively disenfranchised, not simply from the material rewards that accompany competent performance, but also from the chance to participate fully in our national life. A high level of shared education is essential to a free, democratic society and to the fostering of a common culture, especially in a country that prides itself on pluralism and individual freedom.

-- A Nation at Risk, 1983

Visual and Performing Arts
(Adopted April 2004)
Comprehensive Health and Physical Education
(Adopted April 2004)
Language Arts Literacy
(Adopted July 2002, revised and readopted April 2004)
(Adopted July 2002)
(Adopted July 2002)
Social Studies
(Adopted October 2004)
World Languages
(Adopted April 2004)
Technological Literacy
(Adopted April 2004)
Career Education and Consumer, Family and Life Skills
(Adopted July 2004)

PDF version All Current Standards (1.74 mb PDF)

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